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About Us

About Us

Our size is an advantage.

We have successfully managed our growth to maintain a size which works for our clients as well as us. We are small enough to provide personal attention, and large enough to aggressively represent our clients in complex legal matters. Our size truly offers the best of both worlds.

We are experienced.

Plain and simple, our attorneys are good at what they do. We are a firm of substance, led by experience. Groups of our attorneys focus on civil litigation, while others on insurance and business transactions. Experienced attorneys lead each practice group. We focus on what we know, so our clients can focus on what matters most to them.

We prioritize client goals.

Our focus is firmly fixed on what matters to our clients. They are the reason we are here. We believe practicing law is fundamentally about helping our clients reach their goals. We focus our talents on their needs, objectives, and priorities, not ours. We team with our clients every step of the way toward a common goal – a successful outcome for them.

We value our team.

We are dedicated to a work environment which encourages excellence. We pool our knowledge and experience, building on one another’s strengths while prioritizing diversity and flexibility. We value our people and take pride in our firm and each other.  Each member of our firm is essential to its success.

 Our challenge.

Talk to us about your expectations. Tell us about your needs. Share your concerns. We are confident you will be impressed with our ability to exceed your expectations and adapt to you, your company, and your needs.

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